Public Agencies Go Gigging for Influx of Workers – Workforce Magazine

Everything will be outsourced? There is a good reason for oversight of public offices, which gig workstyles should not displace, the prevention of exercise of political power by public workers prime amongst them. This is a relatively innocuous problem when dealing with firefighters, but “gig cops” are potentially political private armies.

What happens next? The Gig Economy is just a mode of employment relationship that has many uses, but it will also need to accommodate the rules and regulations associated with the exercise of governmental power.

RJ Beam, who has worked in law enforcement for 19 years and previously was a volunteer firefighter in college, said that many of the gig firefighters are used for temporary emergencies – like big woodland fires. Big cities probably won’t turn to gig workers for these positions, but smaller towns might since the number of volunteer firefighters has dropped, according to the Wisconsin police officer.

“Some cities have turned to using part-time paid firefighters to fill the gaps without the cost of a full-time career fire department,” said Beam in an email statement. “As more towns need to shift to paying firefighters part-time, they might need to seek gig workers to fill shifts.”

Source: Public Agencies Go Gigging for Influx of Workers – Workforce Magazine