Is Amazon Delivery an Entrepreneur’s Dream Come True?

Rob Taylor, CEO of Convey, explores the entrepreneurial potential of Amazon’s Delivery Service Partners program. He envisions Amazon owning the customer experience, which is more easily said than done. Delivery drivers may be called on to answer questions, respond to order status issues, and myriad other customer-initiated engagements because they wear ann Amazon logo.

While entrepreneur risk is high, there’s no question that this move will help Amazon fill in the gaps in its own transportation capacity. The company will now own the customer experience, increasing the threat to other carriers and shippers while pushing the majority of the risk downstream.

A “What’s Next” approach to delivery-related content and customer experience will give Amazon access to the customer experience, but without ongoing development of the business processes for delivery, the branded Amazon delivery may feel disconnected from the Amazon infrastructure.

Source: Amazon Embraces The Gig Economy: Small Business Risk Or Game-Changing Opportunity?