Gallup Intros The Real Future of Work” Magazine

Gallup, the surveying organization, has launched an intriguing new publication, The Real Future of Work. A data-intensive publication, the first issue addresses European workers’ sense that they will be able to keep up with automation and how workplace assessment programs align with corporate and personal goals. 

The publication is worth downloading for its clear charts explaining national variations on worker confidence. Notably, like many parts of the world, companies are not seen as reliable venues for personal development. For example, only 32 percent of Britons feel they have worthwhile growth opportunities with their current company while 42 percent of French and 60 percent of German workers anticipate career growth in their current company.

Better management is needed, Gallup concludes. At GEG, we think better managers need better data that looks beyond results to leading indicators in order to analyze the resources workers are offered. Great employees with great tools will change management’s role to one of collaborative guidance in which workers develop innovations in customer experience.