New Mobility as a Service app is to be launched in the US

Switch will aggregate public transit, private cabs, and bike- or car-sharing services in the United States. It’s mobility-as-a-service backend, as pointed out earlier today in regards logistics systems, allows planning for multiple legs of a journey on different transportation systems. The app had better be very good to stand out against Uber and Lyft’s non-stop journeys. No one likes changing trains or busses.

Switch Mobility is a joint venture partnership between DemandTrans, Inc. of Chicago and The Kyyti Group of Helsinki in Finland and its new app will offer access to transport services such as taxis, buses and trains to bike-share, car-share and more. Furthermore, unlike other apps that aim to organise an array of urban mobility choice, Switch is the first to integrate real-time, micro-transit ride generation capability to ensure passengers have access to efficient on-demand services anytime, anywhere.

Source: New Mobility as a Service app is to be launched in the US

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