Ikea turns to ecommerce sites in online sales push – FT.com

Ikea is taking the logical next step in retail. Acquiring TaskRabbit to provide in-home furniture building services, which obsoletes Ikea original model, removes the uncertainty an online buyer will have about the complexity of the furniture kit they consider online. This give TaskRabbit workers a potential steady source of work, and allows Ikea to shift from in-store delivery to home delivery. A question remains: What else does TaskRabbit specialize in, or does it simply become Ikea’s in-home fulfillment mechanism?

“Traditionally the whole Ikea value chain has been designed to deliver to stores. That is changing and it is challenging a number of ways of doing business. We are fast learners and we are moving,” Mr Lööf said.

Ikea also recently agreed a deal to buy TaskRabbit, a pioneer of the gig economy that could help it offer assistance with furniture assembly to its customers. It also launched an app that allows users of Apple devices to visualise placing Ikea furniture into their own homes using augmented reali

Source: Ikea turns to ecommerce sites in online sales push


Author: Mitch Ratcliffe

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