Goodyear takes tire maintenance to on-demand market

Goodyear faces a double challenge. The tire company must address consumer’s growing expectation that services should come to their home or office and it faces a change in vehicle ownership as autonomous shared vehicles take over from personal automobiles.  It has a strategy and it makes sense:

“As shared mobility continues to grow in popularity, we are seeing applications where miles driven per vehicle increase from 15,000 per year to as much 5,000 per month,” said Chris Helsel, Goodyear’s chief technology officer [said in a press release]. “Those increased miles mean increased demand for tire maintenance and repair, especially when you consider customer expectations for comfort and safety from a mobility service.”

Partnering with STRATIM, a San Francisco-based vehicle maintenance data intelligence developer, Goodyear will begin to provide fleet services to on-demand companies. But the same mobile approach can serve consumers. This enables scenarios such as buying “tires for life” as an add-on to a car purchase or lease. 

Whether people embrace autonomous vehicles or keep their own cars, the Goodyear approach announced today keeps the road open to subscription and on-demand revenue.


Author: Mitch Ratcliffe

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