Amazon is in talks with Phrame and is working on a smart doorbell –CNBC

Delivery to a parked car, while the customer is at work, for example, and one-time access to the customer’s home, are on Amazon’s list of new delivery options. A smart doorbell controlled by Amazon carries some interesting liability risks. If Amazon controls access to my home, do they become culpable when the doorbell is hacked?

The company is in advanced talks to forge a partnership with Phrame, a maker of smart license plates that allow items to be delivered to a car’s trunk, according to a person with knowledge of the potential deal. Phrame’s product fits around a license plate and contains a secure box that holds the keys to the car. Users unlock the box with their smartphone, and can grant access to others — such as delivery drivers — remotely. At the same time, Amazon is developing a smart doorbell device that would give d

Source: Amazon is in talks with Phrame and is working on a smart doorbell


Author: Mitch Ratcliffe

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