Airtasker raises $33 million for UK expansion | ACS

“Tasks” have the ring of “commodity,” don’t they? They sound easy to quantify and deliver. Money is pouring into the task market following Ikea’s purchase of TaskRabbit last month, as investors seek a share of the generic household worker revenue anticipated to migrate to on-demand. However, the tasker business appears to lean heavily on a branded and defined set of services, a la Ikea’s need for furniture assembly to extend its delivery business.

Will every task business be acquired by a brand? If so, how does a task company maintain a significant difference in its services while providing the wide variety of jobs that taskers need to a earn a living? Task-job hopping throughout the day requires another multi-network coordination infrastructure.

The start-up raised $22 million last year, but co-founder and CEO Tim Fung said this latest round was necessary to facilitate Airtasker’s first international expansion into the UK. “Our research indicates UK customers share similar attitudes to Australians when it comes to trust in the community and getting things done. London obviously provides massive urban scale and hasn’t seen as many potentially unsustainable vertical service companies compared to say New York or Shanghai,” Fung said

Source: Airtasker raises $33 million for UK expansion | Information Age | ACS


Author: Mitch Ratcliffe

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