4 HR Changes to Prepare for the Gig Economy | Onrec

Word. The on-demand worker, who may transition to a full-time, still flexible, arrangement, must be onboarded and, more so, made familiar and confident when using your branded content and selling tools.

You can’t afford to skip the onboarding step with gig workers, but many employers do it, anyway. They don’t run background checks, provide training, or do performance reviews. Instead, many gig workers work unvetted with limited supervision and almost no feedback until they turn in their assignments. This structure is unstable and puts undue risk on your business. Remember: your gig workers are still representatives of your brand. They enjoy access to company information and resources that are likely proprietary or confidential, and you still need to track and maintain their performance standards as they work.

Source: 4 HR Changes to Prepare for the Gig Economy | Onrec


Author: Mitch Ratcliffe

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