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Mortgage relief for on-demand workers

The on-demand gig workstyle is approaching normality.

Legislation introduced by Senators Mark Warren (D – Va.) and Mike Rounds (D – S.D.) would expand the sources of income that can be considered when granting a mortgage. The Self-Employed Mortgage Access Act would allow people with irregular income — wide monthly variation in income — to count both their regular job and side gig as income.

Then, this interesting note at the bottom of the article. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the private sources of many mortgages, are working on self- and gig-employed mortgage offerings:

Meanwhile, the two largest sources of mortgage money in the country, investors Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, are actively exploring ways to more fairly underwrite self-employed and gig-economy applicants. A Freddie Mac official told me the focus is on automated solutions that would be able to document the incomes typical for self-employed and gig-economy workers.

Comprehensive lending and social safety net reform in response to changing work patterns is becoming a reasonable expectation within the next three to five years.

Source: Bill would aid mortgage applicants who rely on the gig economy for earnings – The Washington Post

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