Local On-Demand

The Fleet Is Changing and Customer Experience Will Follow

Justin Winston, CEO of Fleet-on-Demand explains the changing mobility equation: Ease of use is essential to thinking about how to use on-demand solutions in a local or national market. If you are providing transportation, the full consumer motion, from finding and booking the vehicle to getting to the destination and paying the driver (or, sans driver, paying the car). Consequently, service designers need to think comprehensively about functionality, integrating complementary capabilities, such as “Send my location” to provide in-drive information to customers and their social circle.

Transport can be viewed as a vehicle, a driver, a billing period and method of payment, all used on demand.It can be configured to the individual’s requirements and using a general mobility allowance, can include cars on demand, as well as car clubs, taxis and public transport when needed. This mobility blend can be tailored to the individual and all cost of ownership is removed.

Source: How is technology transforming the mobility space? | Blog

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