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About half of California’s gig economy workers struggling with poverty

California’s gig economy is not sufficiently broad and deep — that is, there are not enough types of work to create real differentiation of labor — to support prosperity, as 47 percent of surveyed gig workers say they are impoverished. Note, too, that Californians are suggesting to their children move elswhere for better opportunities.

If companies want flexible labor pools, they need to open up more work for flexible work based on premium prices paid for good work. Simply turning every type of work into a commodity task, and lowering the pay, is a fast-track to the bottom. Economic prosperity starts in the household, not the office. Try to keep an office open without enough customers.

…the PRRI survey found nearly one-third of all Californians and 47 percent of workers in the Golden State are struggling with poverty, while 53 percent are not. California ranks as the fifth-largest economy in the world, but its high cost of housing in many parts of the state mean more than one in five children live in poverty, according to the California Budget & Policy Center, an independent policy research center based in Sacramento.

Source: About half of California’s gig economy workers struggling with poverty

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